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I am an abstract artist based in Lawrence, KS. My work is inspired by the tension between calm and chaos. I am living within the tension between the vast skies and boundless prairies of my midwestern home and the densely layered, richly textured dichotomy of my native New York. It is from within this place that my artwork emerges.

I received my BFA in Graphic Design in 1995 from Ohio University. It was years later in San Francisco, while working in publishing, that I was first introduced to monotype printmaking in the back-room workshop of an unassuming gallery near the SFMoMA thus igniting my art-making journey.

Navigating the challenges of a creative life while continuing my work as a graphic designer wouldn't be nearly as gratifying without the constant flow of chaos and hilarity that accompanies raising two young men and a prematurely aging pug.


about the work

I see and embrace the unintentional beauty of decay. Abandoned buildings, faded and peeling billboards, crumbling stonework, nature’s intrusion into the urban landscape, drifting ephemera left behind in the street — these are the things that ignite my curiosity. I embrace their raw complexity. I create work that seeks to balance peace and chaos. My work is an abstract exploration of this. I am interested in inhabiting the space that lives between curated and happenstance.

My works on paper are composed of myriad materials and techniques that include printmaking, painting, drawing, collage and stitching. They invite an exploration of the hidden, intricate details. Upon close examination there is more… more hidden between and beneath the initial layers creating a new, richly layered history to unfold.

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